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Do you remember?

Do you remember how the sweet symphony of a piano rings through your ears at first and you need to get used to the sound of it?
I do.

And then when you’re used to it, you will allow yourself to close your eyes. So you will be able to feel the music with your whole heart and soul. The music touches you deep into your heart, so very deep that you can almost hear your heartbeat whispering along with the music. Do you remember how that feels like?
I do.

Falling in love is very much the same. First you need to get used to the person and the energy that the person carries.
After a while you will allow yourself to open up to this person for your soul to touch theirs. Your heart starts to skip a beat by only hearing his voice and while you catch a breath by seeing his face, your hearts whispers. Just like when it whispered along with the music, once upon a time.
Do you remember how that feels like? I did not.
And now I do. 

When I first saw him, I knew there was something about the boy with the red leather jacket that caught my attention. I did not know what and I did not know how but piece by piece and time after time, I started to unlock the wall around my soul for him, to find the entrance to my heart. An invisible key had appeared in his own heart to fit mine. I started to get used by his powerful energy that he carried; that energy that knocked my wall down like a feather.
I do not only remember, but I feel it.

While my heart started to whisper along with the songs that he played, his fingers danced upon the piano keys. He touched my heart with the beautiful sound of his voice and the sweet symphony of the piano. I watched him in peace and without any doubt; this sweet boy with the red leather jacket.

So this is how it feels like, to feel love like hearing a beautiful song.



– Samantha Giannattasio



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